zedenv requires python 3.6+, pyzfscmds, and ZFS running as the root filesystem.

It can be installed a few ways:

  • From the directly.
  • From the Makefile.
  • From the Arch AUR.

First, clone the git repos.

git clone
git clone

Makefile and

To install without poluting your system, you can also create a directory somewhere and install in a venv, otherwise install to the system.

Optionally, create a venv and activate.

python3.6 -m venv venv
. venv/bin/activate

Enter the repos and install.

cd pyzfscmds
python install

cd ../zedenv pyzfscmds
python install


Enter the packaging directory in the repos run make, pyzfscmds must be installed first.

cd pyzfscmds/packaging

cd ../../zedenv/packaging